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Published October 20, 2017

Senran Kagura combines two things men love. Ninjas and pretty girls. I’m no fan of this fanservice show, but it has a STRONG following. I swear several Senra Kagura games release every year for the past few years.

The latest entry in the series is called Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal. This new entry focuses on action, adventure, and shinobi transformations according to our snitch. Other new features include


Enjoy two stories from the perspectives of both the “Good Shinobi” and “Bad Shinobi” living in the shadows.

  • The story of the first game, Senran Kagura: Shoujo-tachi no Shin’ei (it is recommended first-time Senran Kagura players start here)
  • The story of the second game, Senran Kagura Burst: Guren no Shoujo-tachi

Shinobi Room

The “Shinobi Room” is the base of the girls’ activities, where you can undertake “Shinobi Missions,” change the player character, and change costumes in the “Dressing Room.”

Shinobi Missions

The shinobi girls can undertake various Shinobi Missions, which completing will progress the story. Develop your character through violent battles in order to take on even more difficult Shinobi Missions.

Shinobi Missions

Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal drops February 2018 for the PS4. I’m sure it will come to the west on PS4 and PC shortly after like all the other games.


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