Sengoku BASARA Looks Like A Decent Anime

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  • Liquidnegro

    It’s not great, but it ain’t SAO or Brave Witches!

  • Isreal Price

    This shit is fire if you just love action but 6/10 if you came for a story as well.

  • This show will get crazy fast

  • Ungratefulz

    I can vouch for it. This shit is hilarious man. I love it. One of my favorite animes

  • RagingDominican

    Trust me it isn’t, if you just want action scenes then sure you can check it out. But the story is terrible. 5/10

  • Mr.3vilboss

    Im too based with sword guy shows but this one is more fun to watch. You can play the games too, although i dont think capcom will bring this ip back for 2017.

  • It’s alright. I watched up to like Episode 15. It was about war and action and shit. 7.5/10

  • I liked the show season 1 and 2 was lit

  • Reminds me of ronan warriors

    • Ronin warriors.
      Nah fam ronin warriors is a classic

  • yes it is.

  • Lol you remember this shit anime Kevin Cajilus

    • Watch 2 episodes then gave up

    • I put this crap on when I was reading Manga for background noise lol

  • Yall late