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Published January 26, 2016

Self Controlled Strollers?  I know not that many people on the site will be interested in this but the technology behind it is impressive. I am down for the advancement of technology, but I guarantee that most people don’t think this is a good idea (At least I hope not). Technology should continue to make things safer, and I don’t believe self-driving strollers is one of those things. Smartabe, the company, making these intelligent strollers are using a motion-tracking sensor to follow you wherever you go, allowing for hands-free strolling. I just don’t see how this is safer for a child. I think the technology behind this is fascinating, but I think this is one thing that shouldn’t happen.


I will be more precise; I believe that using technology to enhance and make a stroller safer is a great thing, but making it driverless is crazy. For example, I still think that driverless cars are a cool concept, but I will always feel better being in control and driving myself then having an automated car do it for me.Now this could just be the independent and self-efficient self-speaking, but that’s just my opinion.

There are some features that can be useful though so this isn’t a failed project. Smartabe is currently crowdfunding this campaign. If this ever becomes a reality be prepared to pay $3,199 dollars for this high tech stroller. Check out the video below and tell us what you think?

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