Scans Give New Details On Boruto The Movie

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  1.' Pkernaruto6 says:

    Wtf this shit ain’t even ever end. They called it an ending but keep dumping shit on us, I was so ready for Naruto to be over. Ending was so damn anti- climatic. The next generation of kids are so copy and past clones of the parents, like we get it, people fucked and had kids, why they kids just shadow clones? Boruto is like Naruto but without any of what made Naruto likable, he’s just a rich spoiled douchebag. Salad or whatever her name is emo for no damn reason, and just because she had glasses we were supposed to see that Karin was probably her real mother LMAO nigga wtf, glasses aren’t genetic. Why she got those exact same glasses, Karin or any other thot can be her mother, Sasuke ain’t even like these bitches how he end up fucking with em?

    tl;dr: Fuck Boruto and his generation of ninjas, they have it too easy

    1.' Vick says:

      Dam you that mad about this.. You need to evaluate your’re life seriously.

      1.' Pkernaruto6 says:

        Haha dude, it was mostly a joke. I do think the ending was bs, but I’m not genuinely mad about it.

    2.' Payton McDowell says:

      Bruh Salad isn’t emo. XXxxxXxxkasumixxxthexoxobloodedgeXxxxxxx is

      Also what makes naruto likeable? ?

      1.' KiSwordsman says:

        The crap that he had to go through. Even if Naruto was irritating at times, the narrative made it clear he had a reason for his behavior. A far more justifiable reason than “Daddy won’t pay enough attention to me.” Notice I said “enough” and not “No” or “None”. Bolt is kinda like Zuko, minus the physical and emotional abuse.

        1.' Payton McDowell says:

          That doesn’t seem to make him likeable in my opinion.

          1.' KiSwordsman says:

            Which is fine. Just giving a different perspective on why.

  2. Fbreezy says:

    Salad? Bitches be carrying their kid for 9 months to call them food?

    1.' SaviorOfTheWorld says:

      Kakarot – Carrot

  3. Dam you that mad about this.. You need to evaluate your’re life seriously.

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