Scalebound Still Lives On!

  • Well shit

  • Denzale Williams

    • It’s not going to be whatchu think or hope for, don’t get me wrong I’m happy to see it’s alive in a way but I know Microsoft, it’s going to be under budget, understaffed, they’ll prolly have to cut A LOT of key content as well as some small details that pull the game together. I hope I’m wrong

    • Well i hope your wrong as well

  • Kirstyn Siegrist tell John please!

  • Please come back, Scalebound! 😖

  • They better not be playing with my emotions.

  • So, the game was taken from Platinum? That’s kinda strange… :/

  • TiciTotyTony47

    Forreal B 😁

  • Bl4kAce

    Same game different team working on it… Yeah, nothing could go wrong there.

  • Doc

    Platinum is a top tier Dev why would take a game from them

  • I hope it will be back for real

  • Adrien Malivert Trenton Wilkins Will Hoge John Janey ya buddy

  • The only recent IP Microsoft has…😒

  • Seth Mcpheron Cody Zappa Jacob Crawford yasss

  • Beto Stark Flores

  • Thomas Kruppa

  • So you’re saying there’s still a chance