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Published February 22, 2019

Over in the US, Nintendo realized quickly that they needed a huge presence. For us, Reggie Fils-Aime was that guy. He had an incredible passion for Nintendo games and did crazy things very often to keep the Nintendo fans entertained. He was like the king of Nintendo memes during his 15-year tenure at Nintendo of America. Yesterday Nintendo put out a video announcing he will be stepping down as the president, and Nintendo fans all over the world cried in unison.

In his place, Doug Bowser (helluva last name for someone who works at Nintendo) will take over as president starting April 15th officially. I’m sure with the name alone, Nintendo fans and other video game fans alike will welcome him with open arms. Even though we made fun of him a lot, I honestly can’t see anyone else being the face of Nintendo over here, but we will see how Bowser fares. Goodbye Reggie!

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