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Published May 6, 2019

NBA Live 19 didn’t do much to improve their gameplay (in my opinion), but one thing they did do that I liked was the inclusion of female ballers. A lot of women are into sports, so why not include them in the experience? Sadly 2K hasn’t done that, but there is hope it could happen.

I’ve been hearing rumors about the WBNA in 2K20 since 2018, but today a video was suggested to me by MindFrameGaming that caught my attention. Apparently, Atlanta Dreamer player Renee Montgomery was asked on Twitter if the WBNA would be included in 2K and she responded

Since then she’s deleted the tweet. I’d imagine she had no idea she was under embargo, but you know how the internet works. The damage is already done. Obviously, this confirms nothing, but with the images of WNBA players being scanned and now this tweet; things are pointing to women being in 2K20.

I just hope it’s not a mode and women are playable everywhere. I’d like to see Myplayer include female creations so the ladies can run the park, Pro-Am, Rec, and My career how they like.

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