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Published May 11, 2019

The rumor mill is heating back up for Sony’s next-generation gaming console. The addition of these rumors seems to point to the PS5 is coming sooner than later. Reports claim that they have an idea of the price point for the PS5 and a release window. They claim that the PS5 will launch at $500 in November 2020.

These claims from Hideki Yasuda of the Ace Research Institue. The only reason any of this is making news is because he’s built a solid reputation making correct predictions for the Japanese video game market. More interesting is his claims about the PS5 rectifying the mistakes of the PS4. He claims PS5 will sport backwards compatibility with PS4 games.

No way to truly know what’s going on until til Sony confirms or denies things. So basically take this all in with a grain of salt. How do you feel about that price point and the potential for backwards compatibility?

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  1. A new playstation with upgraded graphics, at 4k 60 frames per sec, with backwards compatibility? 500 might be a steal😁🤞🏾

  2. Microsoft tried that shit and got crucified, if Sony does it they will be praised 🤣🤣

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