RUMOR: Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Is Being Remastered

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  1. Das Spivey Das Spivey says:

    Please please please let this end up being true!

  2. I hope they don’t make the difficulty harder like what happened to Crash Bandicoot

  3. @Mr_iKeepitreal 🀞🀞🀞

  4. Hope they fix that wack ass camera. Then we’d be Gucci. Love Spyro. Riptos Rage is the goat!

  5. JohnnySteps JohnnySteps says:

    Been waiting on this.

  6. Im scared. But this would be lit.

  7. Jacob Jones Jacob Jones says:

    welp time to buy a playstation

  8. Greg Meier Greg Meier says:

    HD Spyro level and art aesthetics, yes please.

  9. Paris Dugan Paris Dugan says:

    Mikael Kelley Nykelin Washington

  10. Coast Coast's says:

    That’s what’s up

  11.' [Your Unoriginal Name Here]β„’ says:

    March 2018…. Highly doubt it’ll get announced before E3 in June.

  12. Please let it be true this was the series that introduced me to gaming

  13. Please come to the switch 😭

  14. Took them long enough smh lol

  15. Welp I have no choice than to buy a PS4 now thanks Sony ugh

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