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Published November 16, 2019

In please don’t give me hope only to let me down somewhere down the road news; a new Socom is rumored to be in the works. We haven’t seen a good Socom game since the PS2/PSP era (yes the PS3 ones were trash). So naturally, when I picked up on this story I had to share it. According to industry insider Tidux, Guerrilla Games has a second-team hard at work on a new Socom title for the PS5.

An even more interesting tidbit is apparently the second team is rumored to be working on Socom because the first team is working on a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. This is believable seeing as the original Horizon ended on a cliff hanger. I’m just curious to know what a new SOCOM game would like in 2020? Socom holds a special place to me because it was the first game I played online, but I can’t help but wonder was it good for its time or does it stand the test of time? Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

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  1. @Mr_iKeepitreal Back to tactical military gameplay. 🤔

  2. @damisa_sarki @Mr_iKeepitreal Let’s hope this isn’t a room though 😭😭

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