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Published March 14, 2018

If you check out the official Tomb Raider website you’ll see the page is all black with a red countdown on it. The countdown reads March 15th, 2018 6am PDT. Obviously, some new form of Tomb Raider content is coming, but what? According to our plug if you search the HTML it says

“Shadow of The Tomb Raider is the climactic finale of Lara’s origin story. Available September 14th 2018″

This possible announcement falls right in line with 2016’s subway leak. In November 2016 someone took a screenshot of what was presumed to be a Square Enix employee going over some Shadow Of The Tomb Raider documents. Click here if you want to see that image.

Otherwise, let us know what you want from a new Tomb Raider game. Better yet do you even care? How many of you know the Tomb Raider movie drops this weekend?

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