RUMOR: Red Dead Redemption 2 Released Date Leaked?

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  1.' bebopjared says:

    Red Dead Redemption is still one of my favorite Xbox 360 games. I play through the story once or twice a year and experience something new every time I play through it. I am very hopeful for Red Dead 2. I hope they incorporate John Marston into the story somehow. Not like a major character but just a small role. In the first game it’s established that he met up with Dutch’s game when he was young. It would be cool to see him met up with the gang. Rockstar, you’re one of the only devs I trust anymore, I have faith in yal

  2. I pray to the almighty himself that this doesn’t have Microtransaction

  3. Ian Sipes Ian Sipes says:

    Gamestop has that date too i believe

  4.' Basemastuh_J says:

    Never played it before, will be interested to see what improvements Rockstar has made to the Rage Engine since 2013.

  5.' Mahibul Roni says:

    Hope the game is good

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