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Published May 3, 2020

The recent PS5 rumor to hit the net is very exciting for gamers on a budget. If you prefer to try your games before you commit to that hefty $60 price tag you’ll be happy to know it’s RUMORED that the PS5 will the ability to try games instantly. According to @ConsoleTime on Twitter

“PS5’s New PS Store User Interface Allows You to Browse & Try Every Game Instantly, Playable Within Seconds, With No Traditional Downloading Required, No Waiting, Before You Decide to Purchase the Full Game & Download It as Normal.”

The only problem with this news is Sony hasn’t confirmed anything, so take it with a grain of salt. Especially since I’ve never heard of ConsoleTime. I’m not familiar with their track record, so don’t hold your breath.


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  1. @Mr_iKeepitreal They’re Probaly using the streaming tech from PS Now just so you can stream them for a bit for testing purposes.

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