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Published November 19, 2018

Last week Sony revealed they’d be withdrawing from E3 2019. Many speculated the reason being that they’re prepping for the reveal of the PS5 in late 2019 or early 2020. Today’s rumor only adds more fuel to the flames. According to our snitch, Sony’s PlayStation¬†5 could be fueled by AMD’s 8-Core Ryzen CPU.

It’s also rumored to be paired up with AMD’s Navi GPU. With those type of specs, PS5 is expected to do 4K resolution 60fps no problem. Chatty patties claim the console will launch at $500 in either March or November of 2020. Just keep in mind none of this is confirmed and coming from Reddit.

The only reason this rumor is catching any attention is because it’s coming from a user for correctly predicted Sony would be leaving E3 before it was confirmed. I’m curious to see if Sony will delay a bunch of their heavy hitters in order to make them launch titles for the PS5. Imagine getting The Last Of Us 2, Ghosts Of Tsushima & Days Gone as day one launch titles for PS5. An AMD Ryzen CPU would also be dope because I’d imagine it’d make cross-platform development much easier for seeing as that’s what a lot of gaming PC’s run these days.

Who wouldn’t upgrade?

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