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Published July 9, 2015

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I’d like to start off by saying that in no way shape or form am I saying this is confirmed or 100% facts. This is news I heard via a Youtuber who’s source was NintendoLife. A website whose source was UnSeen64. A website that’s been correct about previous Nintendo rumors & that’s why this rumor is catching peoples attention. It’s this whole crazy thing.

Anyways, reports are claiming that Nintendo’s next console code named the “NX” will be less powerful than the PlayStation 4. Now when it comes to console gaming, historically the most powerful console usually isn’t the winner in terms of sales. That’s not the issue though.

The issue here is that the Wii U just came out in 2012. Everybody and their mom told Nintendo it was underpowered, but they refused to listen (resulting in a lack of 3rd party support again). Now here we are 2 and half years later and they want to drop another console as if people are just rolling in dough.

It’s disrespectful to the fans to think they’re just going to shell out more money and shelf the Wii U already. It’ll be the ultimate disrespect if this rumor holds weight. You’re putting out a new console in less than 3 years and it’s not stronger than the competition? Mind you the PS4 and X1 are also underpowered. Rocksteady admitted they couldn’t get Arkham Knight running on console for the longest which led to the PC version being ignored and shipping out like crap.

So what do you thinks going to happen when the Wii U v2 drops? This console needs to be future proof if they want fans to adopt it. It needs to be 4k ready! 4k is coming! Walk into your local Best Buy and I promise you’ll see the 4K TV’s everywhere. Give it another 2 to 5 years and it will be the norm.

Nintendo already announced they’d be revealing the NX next year! That’s their way of admitting the Struggle U is a failure. Yes we understand the original Wii made them tons of cash, but those soccer moms & old people you catered to back then aren’t your core audience. They aren’t going to buy the next console. They were simply partaking in the motion control craze at that time.

Bottom line is the Wii U is an L! Nintendo can’t afford to have another or they could end up becoming the next SEGA. Let us all pray that this rumor isn’t true because if it is, then it proves Nintendo truly doesn’t get it.

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