RUMOR: A Nintendo Direct Is Coming & GTA V To Switch Is The Big Announcement!

  • O k J u g a

  • Wow I can’t believe the Switch is getting a 6 year old port. A true console seller.

    • Lol just like skyrim and others

    • It hasn’t even turned 5 yet

    • You’re right 4 and a half, but it’ll probably be that old by the time the port actually comes out.

  • GTA V on switch?

  • 😂😂😂

  • guest

    I don’t trust rumors but if this is true about GTA V and Red Dead they are both day one’s for me. No shit the games won’t look as good as the ps4 or xbox one version but it will be portable, I have no idea when people say that dumb shit. The Switch is a Tablet that is stronger than bpth the ps3 and Xox 360 and it got games that didnt even come to last gen like Doom. As long as the performances arent terrible and unplayable I could care less, I was very surprised how well Doom ran on the Switch tablet mode. I never played Reddead so this would be dope. It’s just funny that the Nintendo console people thought would fail had two amazing games up for game of the year and is selling so well. I love my Switch, the only thing is that they need to fix the shitty online forreal forreal.

  • It going to be choppy and laggy and shitty as fuck

    • Not worth it, Rockstar, you already have LA Noire for Switch.

  • MrLeeOH

    I would love to see GTA V and RDR2 on Switch. However, those games will cost more cash to shrink the games to work on the Nintendo Switch. So this rumors I call B.S. in my book.