RUMOR: The Next Call of Duty Could Be Black Ops 4

  • I saw that too let’s hope it’s worth getting 😂💀

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal Yes!

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal Totally fine with that

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal Only if they do it like the first two. BO1 and 2 got so many hours outta me

  • Roberto Moreno

    • Roberto Moreno good thats its none of that boost jumping shit I’m hoping this will be better than ww2 cause I have gripes with that game

    • Lmao man everyone complaining about ww2, it’s a good gane

    • Roberto Moreno I’m not saying it’s a bad game at most it’s decent I’m just saying I have gripes with it

    • Mhmm sure alex lol 🤔😛

    • Roberto Moreno we all know treyarch usually comes in with the better version so I’m tryna see how they are gonna re introduce boots on the ground on their end

    • Just waiting for MW2 remastered

    • Roberto Moreno that to tbh but shit that might be next year lol I wish they’d skip a year for sledgehammer Nd just put that out

    • Fr

  • I don’t know I’m burnt out on CoD, I thought I would like WW2 but I just didn’t

  • I was only disappointed by 3 because of the story, I was just bored by it and you weren’t a 3rd mason lol I was just hoping for a 3rd one to play as