RUMOR: Next Assassin’s Creed Could Be In Japan

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  1. dortu dortu says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal Might as well take my money. Haven’t bought one of their games since Black Flag

  2. Mike Mexico Mike Mexico says:

    If I’m not a ninja killin samurais.. I don’t want it

  3. Been waiting since AC: black flag…

  4. Dre Dre says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal Need Creed in NY. Use Rats to scout the areas and restock inventory at Bodegas. PreOrder stealth Timberlands

  5. lil sloth lil sloth says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal FINALLY

  6. @Mr_iKeepitreal I’m not as excited now that we’re getting ghost of tushima 🤷🏿‍♂️

  7. Jeremey Jeremey says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal @Originaltyshawn

  8. If it looks as heavy as a clone that this upcoming AC is to Origins, it’s going to be a heavy miss me unfortunately

  9. Doulie D Doulie D says:

    But will there be any anime references ?

  10. U mean Ghosts of Tsushima

  11. It better be Jalen Murphy

  12. Kelly Ivil Kelly Ivil says:

    We all knew that location was bound to happen at some point in the franchise

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