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Published March 22, 2018

Today in what the hell news? It’s being reported that not only is this Modern Warfare 2 remaster real, but it won’t ship with multiplayer. This remaster is said to cost around $20 and will only feature the single-player campaign. Many believe the lower price is the reason it won’t contain multiplayer. Modern Warfare Remastered was $40 and it had multiplayer.

This same report claims MW2 remastered will launch April 30th, 2018. None of this is confirmed, so let’s hope Activision sees the backlash the community is giving and rectifies this situation. Now, let’s pretend like this news is confirmed for a moment. Why would they do this? My guess is to prey on the ignorant. The average gamer doesn’t follow gaming news sites daily. They go by what their friends tell them.

So imagine how many people could end up seeing an MW2 remastered trailer on TV and run to Gamestop to pick it up without thinking. Activision¬†knows the market and is all about a dollar, so it wouldn’t shock me if they’re banking on this tactic. Don’t let your nostalgia blind you! If any new news drops on this situation we’ll be sure to let you know!

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