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Published September 10, 2018

For some, it might be three years too late, but others might be excited to hear what I just found out. There’s a slither of hope that Halo 5 could be ported to PC. Our informant noticed something was different about the Amazon listing for Halo 5. The box art changed. Normally it says “only on Xbox One”, but the latest listing now says “Xbox One console exclusive.”

This is the same weird word usage Microsoft uses during their E3 press conferences. What it means is it’s only on Xbox as far as the console goes, but you can also play the game on PC if you like. The issue is Halo 5 isn’t playable on PC at the moment. Only the free Forge mode. This has people in the industry speculating that it could come to the PC platform. Especially since 343 Industries is already on record saying it wouldn’t be hard to port the game to PC.

The question is does anyone care?

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