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Published August 7, 2019

With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, many are looking to see what Rockstar Games is up to for their next release. Some want to see GTA 6, some are still wondering why Agent was canceled and others are looking for Bully 2. If you’re in the Bully camp, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a chance your dreams could come true.

According to our snitch Bully, 2 is a real thing. It’s RUMORED to release for the PS4, X1, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett in 2020. The speculated release window is between October & November of next year. Apparently, this Youtuber has dedicated a good amount of free time covering all Bully 2 news. He claims to have an inside source at Rockstar that told him all this news.

Basically, take this news with a grain of salt.

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    1. Dawg I was just about to install Billy backwards compatible game on xbox

    2. I hope it’s set in a college setting so I can get drunk at a party and then hit someone in their shit lol

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