Rocksteady Is Re-Releasing The Batman Arkham Collection On The Current Consoles

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  1. Henry Branch Henry Branch says:

    Not interested in these old games. If u havent played them yet, u probably don’t want to. Where’s the new game?

  2. Yay 😒more tank fun!!! 😔

  3. Where is the Red Hood game?

  4. Hard pass…. been there, done that.

  5. Mixl Tree Mixl Tree says:

    @UTxJGTheDon No one asked for this.

  6. @AceofAll_Trades @UTxJGTheDon But they’re already on the new consoles?

  7. Groovyy Cody Groovyy Cody says:

    I thought they already remastered then a couple years ago.. pass.

  8. Nick Miller Nick Miller says:

    @UTxJGTheDon Just give us a new game already. It’s been 4 years

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