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Published August 9, 2018

The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Longtime Rockstar fans have been wanting to see what the gameplay looks like for Red Dead Redemption 2. Today we finally get our wish as we see the Introduction to the world of Red Dead.

As Arthur Morgan, you are with your Van der Linde gang and will be on the run a lot from the trailer. As they set up camp, you can do a lot with your fellow gang members and can interact with every gang member. As time goes on and your interaction increases, you can unlock more missions and secrets.

As far as the interaction with other people in the environment, it also looks very vast. You can make friends or enemies as you see fit. Your actions will have consequences as you progress. You also have a deep interaction with you and your horse. Depending on how you treat your steed, they will respond either positively or negatively to you.

Hunting is also back and was one of my favorite side quests of the first Red Dead. As you collect pelts, you can use them for currency at general stores and gunsmiths.

There is another trailer coming that focuses more on gunplay mechanics, missions, enemy gangs, and robberies. I will be looking forward to that trailer as well.



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