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Published July 21, 2016

Rocket League developer Psyonix has been working on solution to allow PS4 and Xbox One owners to play together and looks like it finally has the tech to make it a reality. So what’s the hold up? Sony’s permission is still needed. Vice president Jeremy Dunham told IGN the studio has now managed the feat, and is ready to go as soon as it gets the green light. “We’re literally at the point where all we need is the go-ahead on the Sony side and we can, in less than a business day, turn it on and have it up and working no problem,”


So that means Microsoft already gave permission and the ball is now in Sony’s court. Let us know what you think will Sony say Yes out of pressure or still stick it to MS by saying No.

Rocket League is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and supports cross-play between PC and consoles.

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