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Published October 3, 2015

November 10th is creeping up, so more and more info is being to trickle out about Rise Of The Tomb Raider. Earlier the devs announced that this game would exclude multiplayer (last version had it), so many of you might be wondering if you’ll be getting your bang for you buck with this single player only adventure. 30 to 40 hours is what reports are saying.

“Not only are we going wide, but we’re going deeper,” explained Brinker. “We’re looking at 30 to 40 hours for the completionist. That delves into things like, for example, our skill trees.”

“We used to have, I think it was 15- or 16-odd skills. Now we have over 50 skills. And we have three different tracks you can upgrade, and they’re each separated by four tiers. And then you’re looking at things like the translation system and the crafting system that really bring about all those layers of her leveling up as a character.”

Here’s my issue with this statement. It says 30 to 40 for completionist. That says to me the games main story line is going to be 8 to 15 hours. The rest of that content will just be collecting irrelevant sh*t. Then again I could be wrong. Game looks great either way. Can’t wait for the PC version.

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