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Published March 2, 2020

Rumors have been floating around the net that the creators of League Of Legends were ready to branch out and try something new. Then during the 10 year anniversary event for LOL it was revealed they’d been working on an FPS game code named Project A. Months have gone by since that initial announcement and things were quiet. That is until today!

Riot Games announced today the title of this shooter would be Valorant. It’s a 5 on 5 tactical first-person shooter that features heroes with abilities. Riot is hanging on their hat on the fact this game will have some of the best anti-cheat systems we’ve ever seen and the servers will have a 120 tick rate. Sadly it’s hard to tell what’s unique about this game from the gameplay standpoint in my opinion. It looks like if CS GO and OverWatch had a baby. Maybe it’ll play better than it looks? Looks like it’ll be able to run on any toaster PC which means it will be accessible. PC Gamer got some early hands-on time with the title and they do a solid job of breaking things down.

Expect this one to drop summer 2020

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