Resident Evil 7 Isn’t Coming To The Nintendo Switch

  • Dankey Kang

    Are you gonna make an article everytime someone says they’re not making a game for the Switch? TBH’s hate for Nintendo never ceases.

    • Super Kami Dende

      Yes he will

    • Blvck_Gamer

      You don’t have to read them.

    • Dawg

      Not taking sides here, but I do think it’s important to make these types of articles. To show that Nintendo doesn’t have as many games as they claim to have. We’ll have to wait till E3, where we can see if they will actually bring some games to the table.

  • I’m gonna play devil’s avocate and say re7 was revealed too early for the Switch to get a piece of that action. They might drop it on a later date.

  • Reunald Jones IV

    Heh, not every game needs to be on every system. Good for capcom.

  • Sean Allen

    Damn shame. I had some hope that this game would make it to the Switch. Not wasting my $300 yet.

  • TiciTotyTony47

    Nintendo better get their shit together before March fam