REMINDER: You’ll Have To Pay For Nintendo Switch’s Online Next Week ๐Ÿ˜”

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  1. Atomsk Atomsk says:

    its like 20 bucks for a year
    Im still mad I had to renew ps+ last month ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

  2. Luis Ramos Luis Ramos says:

    Im good love enjoy. Foh lol

  3. I mean, my guys, if you are legit crying over having to pay ONLY 20 bucks for the whole year…idk what to tell you.

    1. Exactly lol it could be much worse

    2. Plus just having access to all the upcoming NES games on a portable console makes the whole thing worth it for me

  4. Ryan McKennie are you doing it?

    1. Karela Gilbert Not sure. Depending on what games will be included in the service, and if Nathan can’t play Fortnite without it, I might buy a year

    2. Ryan McKennie He has something very similar on his tablet, so up to you :-*

  5. Tom Jennings Tom Jennings says:

    Tristin Ervin only $20

  6. Guess im playing locally then cause fuck paying to use my internet

  7. Joseph Clark Joseph Clark says:

    They had to; Smash bros was gonna bring their service to a crawl lmao

  8. Chris Hutch Chris Hutch says:

    20$? I need to get a switch…psn and live have to pay 60$ a year…

  9.' Sona says:

    Guess im playing locally then cause fuck paying to use my internet love your job quote

  10. Scepter Scepter says:

    When you’re broke cus you just bought a switch.

  11.' Sona says:

    then cause fuck paying to use my internet silence love quotess

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