Red Hood Joins The Injustice 2 Roster

  • Ken Dollard

  • The Covenant

    Id rather have the the first DLC be Neo from the Matrix so I can dodge all of the bullets from the Deadshot “zoners”. At least I would be able to use a character’s actual playstyle for once. If NRS can put Sub Zero in the game they can add Neo too. I might start a petition be on the lookout.

    • The Black Hokage

      lmfao I feel the frustration fam!

  • Bruh, Red Hood tho? Lit as fuck. I might just cop the Ultimate edition. Just might tho.

    • KingYo!

      That trailer is dope as fuck. I’m with you

  • Static shock where you at

    • Soon.

    • You didn’t hear?! He was ready to go but they cut him from the roster. I think IGN posted the story.

  • R.I.P Static Shock.

  • …and he is epic!