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Published September 19, 2018

If you’re looking forward to Rockstar Games next outing then you’ll be happy to know that we got some Red Dead news for you. Red Dead Redemption 2 will have a beta for it’s online mode, but the only catch is this beta will launch after the single player game.

You’ll have to wait til November 2018 to hop on the beta. If I had to guess it’s because they want to ease into the online. People forget how awful GTA Online was when GTA 5 dropped. It took years to get it to the point it is today. That’s why Rockstar released the statement below.

“Red Dead Online is an evolution of the classic multiplayer experience in the original Red Dead Redemption, blending narrative with competitive and cooperative gameplay in fun new ways. Using the gameplay of the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 as a foundation, Red Dead Online will be ready to be explored alone or with friends, and will also feature constant updates and adjustments to grow and evolve this experience for all players.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 single player component drops October 26th for PS4 and Xbox One. While you wait let us know in the comments below if you’re upset you have to wait to hop online? I don’t see it as a big deal because they’re trying to put their best foot forward and it gives us time to complete the single-player campaign.



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