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Published November 26, 2018

For everyone who has been waiting on the multiplayer for the critically acclaimed¬†Red Dead Redemption 2, this week you will get your chance. If you purchased the¬†Ultimate Edition of RDR2, you can play tomorrow. If you have the regular edition and played the game during the first weekend of release (Oct 26-29), you will be able to play on November 29th. If you haven’t done any of the things mentioned above, you can play this Friday, November 30th.

Just like GTA V and its multiplayer, we expect the world of Red Dead to be filled with a good amount of things to do. Also unlike the GTA V initial multiplayer release, I hope the Red Dead Online experience is a smooth one. I’m sure this will be one of the most popular things in the gaming world this week, so hope for the best!

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