The Reason Dragonball Evolution Failed

  • BiG CAM

    that’s like having Stevie Wonder giving you directions

  • Umm cause it was trash?

  • This was absolutely excruciating to watch….

  • Singular? Try again.

  • Don’t bring this monstrosity up ever again!

  • Whatcha mean this was the best movie of all time

    • Avatar the last air bender was amazing as well… 10’s all around

  • Gekko Takahata

    The previews alone turned me off to watching this movie.

  • This is old news

  • GiovanniDaG.O.A.T.🐐

    Try to find out why that Super Mario Bros. movie was trash. The one with John Leguizamo in it

  • Because someone chose not to cast actors of ethnicity!!!

  • Because it was directed by a DVD copy of Shark Tale

    • Martin Arinaga Fuck! When is the last time anyone watched Shark Tale? 07?

    • Forgot about that movie lol

  • Because the director/writer knew nothing about the series at all and was fresh out of school and it was his very first movie.

  • Because it was fucking stupid.

  • At least the two actors pictured went on to be in the show Shameless (as Jimmy/Steve and Fiona). lol

  • It failed because it was an attempt to recreate dragon ball z live action. I hope the person who came up with this idea got fired

  • But they are both great actor/actress in Shameless

  • Garbage ass movie…even Toriyama said it pissed him off. 😕

  • Who tf still brings this up?

  • carnagewolf1

    If it was its own stand alone concept, it would actually be okay