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Published April 30, 2015

I often hear people asking “what mic should I get as a new content creator” or “What mic do you use to record.”  Well, I found something new that I don’t personally use, but seems like a quality product.

It’s called the Seirēn Pro by Razor and it’s geared towards Youtubers and Twitch streamers. It’s a high quality built USB condenser mic that promises to bring you that HQ audio without breaking the bank. Here’s features listed from their website.

High Definition Studio-Grade Recording
Built into the Razer Seirēn Pro are three 14mm custom tuned condenser capsules in an array that is capable of 4 different recording pattern configurations. Able to record at outstanding clarity levels multiple times of that found on CDs; with an impressive recording resolution of 192 kHz / 24-bit, the Razer Seirēn Pro is the perfect tool to reach out to your subscribers whether you are new to streaming or a veteran in the field. Treat your listeners to an amazing audio experience as they enjoy the warmer, richer, and clearer sound of your recordings.

Zero Latency Headphone Output for Accurate Monitoring
The Razer Seirēn Pro comes with a built in headphone amplifier that accommodates any monitoring headphone that has a 3.5mm jack. With zero latency output when plugged directly into the Razer Seirēn Pro, the headphone allows accurate monitoring of your recordings in real time. Ensure that you sound exactly as you want your listeners to hear you. By using the control knobs on the microphone’s body, you are able to quickly adjust the mic gain and headphone volume for an optimal recording and listening experience.

High-Pass Filter Switch
A high-pass filter enables you to remove low-end rumbles and hums when recording in your home or at the studio. This helps eliminate unwanted electrical and mechanical noise such as wind noise from the air conditioning systems, cars driving by in a distance and stage/floor noise transmitted through the microphone stand. By enabling the high-pass filter function on the Razer Seirēn Pro, all of these noises are filtered out without requiring post-recording edits. This function also assists in mediating the proximity effect of recording when close to the microphone – Close proximity produces a high bass response. By filtering this out you can combat unwanted low’s coming from your vocals, producing a cleaner, clearer recording.

There’s also a shock mount and pop filter accessories. If you’d like to hear an example of the audio quality this mic produces, then check out their site. It’s in the High Definition Studio-Grade Recording section when you scroll down a little bit.

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