Ratchet & Clank Looks Awesome On PS4

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  1. austin95 says:

    That dancing gun looks hilarious lol
    Definitely looking forward tot his game seeing as how I never had the chance to play the originals.

  2.' Basedgold says:

    I’m getting a tools of destruction vibe from this game. My only gripe is that I wish they use different starting pistol and bomb but other than that, can’t waiit to play this!

  3.' Dsmitty says:

    Did this man in the second vid compare a game that came out before uncharted 2 too uncharted 2? NIGGA!!! im done

  4.' Deimos says:

    This really tempts me to get a console, back in my plebeian days i loved this game soo much, i got evryone.

  5. Fbreezy says:

    I want to see Dr. Nefurious please. Can’t have a ratchet and clank game without him. Or at least him in the future.

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