Rapper “Desiigner” Makes His Debut In Tekken 7

  • Ricky Nyles White-Grant

    I’m not understanding the whole Desiigner thing.

    • Kenternal Memory

      He was trolling/click bait. It’s not dishonest at all though. I was just waking up fam, groggy as fuck, then I saw the notification. I knew it probably had something to do with Panda cause Desiigner but he got me good lol. I spent like 10 minutes tryin to find the article, cause for me at least, the GI app doesn’t always load properly. Then I spent a couple minutes looking at the video and realized that we’ve been had lmao

      • Ricky Nyles White-Grant

        Yo I’m dumb as hell lmao. I just realized what the hell it meant. 😂 that’s 2 L’s I need to hold lmao.

    • thaelectricfeel

      Hold this L then

    • Erik Matejik

      Panda, get it ? Tekken’s Panda, Desiigner – Panda ? This was month ago, i’m sure you got it by now.

  • wait what?

  • TJ Grant

  • Dominique

  • Click bait

  • C’mon GI you better than this smh

  • Gus StGermain

    This man got jokes 😂😂😂

  • Storm Cloudz

    Rs I wanna play as one of those wooden creatures, the golden version of them I forgot the name of it.

    • Storm Cloudz

      It’s kinjin

  • I almost lost my shit, good thing I read the articke 😂😂

  • 👎

  • L

  • GI do better than this one

  • Mr.3vilboss

    The furry industry is growing with large amounts of kuma