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Published August 24, 2018

Earlier in the month, PUBG mentioned the FIX PUBG plan that would finally resolve a lot of PUBG’s outstanding issues. Included in this plan is the long-awaited Training Map. The Training Map Mode will give players the ability to practice shooting, parachuting, & driving. According to PUBG Corp., they expect the new game┬ámode to debut sometime in September of this year. Check out what the PUBG Training Mode will include and let us know your thoughts down below.

PUBG Training Mode:

  • Firing ranges of 400, 800 and 1,000 meters.
  • Free-standing stationary and moving targets, both in and outside buildings.
  • Ranges for melee and throwables practice.
  • A parkour area, a close-quarters combat course and an indoor close-quarters combat range.
  • A long track, racing track, off-road course and stunt ramps.
  • A water vehicle course with ramps.
  • Tables of equipment for melee weapons, guns, attachments, gear, ammunition and throwables.


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