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Published January 29, 2018

Even though everyone on the GI staff owns a PC and games on that platform mainly, we also have consoles. One of the consoles we majority own is a PS4. We mainly play 2K18 and now with DB FighterZ coming out last week, we have been on that. The issue that we have continued to face has been the PlayStation Network being extremely sporadic. Either you cannot connect to PSN at all, or you cannot access your friends list. This has been occurring a lot since Friday, the 26th when Monster Hunter World and DB FighterZ came out.

PlayStation has acknowledged the issue via their twitter, but it still looks like connections are sporadic for some today. The last time this happened was when Lizard Squad and other various hacking/DDOS teams continued to send traffic to the PSN servers. We haven’t heard of any stories yet, and many think the PSN servers just can’t handle so many people playing MHW and DBZ.

If you are one of the people experiencing issues with PSN, they also put out a follow-up tweet with things you can possibly do to fix your issues.

Hopefully these issues correct themselves sooner than later, because I’m trying to buss some heads on DBZ!

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