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Published December 1, 2019

With 2020 around the corner next-generation consoles are on the horizon. Sony has confirmed they are aiming for Holiday 2020 for the PS5. That means games are well under development for Sony’s next heavy hitter. Nobody is sure what those games will look like, but we do have an idea of what the controller will look like. The design for the PS5 controller leaked online and it’s got the internet going nuts.

Spoiler alert! It looks similar to all previous Playstation controllers. In the patent, Sony filed the controller’s design is a bit thicker than the PS4’s with larger grips. The light bar has been removed, thank god. Hardly any game used it, so all that light did was speed up the death of your battery. The micro USB charging port has been updated to the new and improved USB-C & the triggers are larger. There are also pictures of the PS5 devkits floating around. Not sure what to say other than it’s cool to see the PS5 is real. People are making a big deal out of its design, but keep in mind these are early builds for developers. That is not what the PS5 will look like. The screenshots are below.





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