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Published May 22, 2018

As E3 2018 approaches the Sony rumors continue to bubble. The latest to make its way around the net is the idea that the PS4 is on its last legs. Many have speculated, but speculate no more. Sony CEO recently revealed to our plug that the PS4 is heading into the end of its life cycle.

This is in spite of the fact that PS4 has been killing it from a sales perspective. Since 2013 the PS4 has provided a steady increase in money for Sony. This includes 2018. Sony predicts lower sales in 2020. 2020 matches up with what many analysts think will be the year will either get the PS5 or it will be revealed.

As of right now, Sony plans to focus more on their online services. They see major revenue potential in PSN and streaming services. That’s cool, but it will be interesting to see if Sony reveals anything PS5 related in the next year or two. Especially after the release of the PS4 Pro. That might tick some fans off that just spent that money! We shall see.

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