The PS5 COULD Come As Soon As 2018 Or 2019

  • Schaell Nuñez-Rodriguez

  • after they released 3 ps4s lol

  • Why

  • Devin

    I doubt it. I think 2020 in the earliest.

  • If this is true I’m sticking with PC for good

  • Nah

  • If Kingdom Hearts 3 end up on the PS5 I’m ending it all lol

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal Already?

  • GiovanniDaG.O.A.T.🐐

    its not like they didnt just release a few playstations in the span of a few months. they definitely dont feel like their consoles were underpowered, and theyre definitely not looking for another quick cash grab in the coming years. what theyre is doing is completely normal and makes me think that consoles are the way to go in life

  • MrDatsouthkid

    Why does Sony piss me off so much I have a PS4 but want to upgrade to the pro since mine is old but now I hear talks of a ps5 do they really want my money cuz I’m no Sony pony this shit ain’t cool

  • Lol clickbait

  • They’d be fucking themselves if they did that the PS4 pro barely came out not to long ago

  • I’m not dropping money on another console that doesn’t need to come out till atleast 2025

  • Gabriel Brown

    • I hope not wait till like 2021 or some shit too many games coming for the 4

  • Lol keep justifying why consoles ate better than PC

    • Freewale

      How is this justifying why console is better than PC? yall niggas upgrading every year to a new more “powerful” version of yall xbox or ps4 every year, and now it look like yall are going to have to upgrade to the new generation of consoles soon too.

  • Mr.3vilboss

    Pc gaymen it is

  • Please ..I just want to play games ..why god

  • 100% Not next year

  • Pro just came out

  • So we’re going to see a PS5 before Jay Electronica drops the album? Smh

  • this is getting ridiculous

  • Can it fucking not?

  • Vash Stampede

    Consoles are becoming apple phones…they come out with a new one every couple of months that can do a little bit more…miss me wit that bullshit #faxmyguy