The PS4 Will Have Exclusive Destiny 2 Strikes

  • Sensei Heady

    This is some bs man. Now in game content is being limited to one console?

    • Isabella Halsey

      Uh… not really. This happens with other games under activision. They are timed exclusives. Ps4 gets it first but then everyone gets it 1 month later

      • Sensei Heady

        I have to wait an entire month to get content that’s been there since the beginning? Ok

        • Isabella Halsey

          Unfortunately, money talks in this situation

  • Kungfu_kenny

    If you get destiny 2 on pc or xbox you wont be missing anything special they did the samething in D1

  • Isabella Halsey

    It’s a timed exclusive guys. Xbox and PC get it 1 month later

  • Josbeasty

    There were a few exclusive content in Destiny 1 just for PS4 but the xbox version got it like a year later I think

  • UnintentionalKrysis

    Because this is going to make buy a ps4

  • Mikko L.

    Aw yiz! 🙂

  • ItsLeviathan

    Destiny is terrible. Terrible writing and boring gameplay. It’s did have great fluid mechanics tho.