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Published April 21, 2015

Project X Zone was one of my favorite games of 2013. It actually made my top 10 games of the year. It’s a tactical 2D rpg with every major character from SEGA’s, Capcom’s and  Namco Bandi’s catalog. It’s action packed and very flashy.

So naturally I was excited when the sequel was announced. Some screen shots were just released and the game is looking good.  You’ll witness characters from Tekken’s, Mega Man series, Virtua Fighter and more in the screen shots below.

project-x-zone-2-48-150x150 project-x-zone-2-4-150x150 project-x-zone-2-3-150x150 project-x-zone-2-2-150x150 project-x-zone-2-1-150x150

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