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Published April 1, 2018

This month Epic Games will be shutting down their servers for Paragon. Naturally many are upset because the decision seemed so abrupt, but at this point, it is what it is. Since that announcement Epic as released 12 million dollars worth of Paragon assets to the public for free use. They basically told the community to go make their own game.

And that’s exactly what many users in the Paragon Reddit vowed to do. The only problem is a lot of Paragon “spiritual successors” have been announced, but nobody had anything to show for it. My guess is because everyone is disorganized. Too many projects are being announced and the community needs to come together as one if they want things to work.

One group that aims to do this is Visionary Studios. They’re the only group so far to show any type of organization. Last month they announced they’d be creating a spiritual successor from scratch not with the Paragon assets. Right now that game is called Project Phoenix Rising, but that name is just a placeholder. Building a fun balanced game is their focus right now. Eventually, they’ll let the community vote on the games official name. Below is the first proof of concepts they have. I’ll be keeping my eye on this movement.


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