My Problem With New Anime

  • Wow this is spot on

  • DyvineValentine

    I agree with the points stated, lots of anime dropoff with those mediocre storylines due to those storyboard directors and the like flipping the script which i seen in a few anime that were airing too. I had the same problem earlier last year but yo fear not 2018 is going to be phenomenal for anime we have steins gate 0,code geass s3,boku no hero s3,fate heavens feel, violet evergarden,& many more also 2017 had alot of gems as well i peep through every season and found the good ones such as shouwa genroku s2, 3 gatsu no lion,Made in Abyss,Ancient magus bride,kuzu no honkai,children of the whales,princess principle,quanzhi gaoshou,youkoso jitsuryoku ,youjo senki. Fair amount lol those are some worth mentioning that people most likely will sleep on and recc for you if you need any to watch as well.

    • a zergling

      im more hyped for heavens feel then anything other show anime this year
      also Blvck you should watch fate/zero if you haven’t its a good one

  • Chris Keen

    Why I feel like Blvck just opened Crunchyroll, Funimation, or his favorite “3rd party streaming” site(nigga we all have used them before at some point lol) and just saw 2018’s list of upcoming harems and ecchi anime and was like fuck this shit and had a mental breakdown. Just face it man, anime isn’t for western viewers. Niggas can’t beat they meat over there without seeing 2D tits and playing some weird ass hentai RPGs, so its not a shock that shit pops up in anime too. The media culture is just completely different from every thing western tv has. And yes most shit that comes on western tv is ass besides sports, and thats why most of us prefer anime, we’re still not the target audience. The anime companies are turning into an even more fucked up version of Disney. Instead of kids toys, marvel merch, and star wars merch. Its waifu body pillows, posters, and figurines. Nowadays your lucky to get a good anime that doesn’t start off looking promising only to fall back into terrible fanservice and tsundere comedy and dudes who act as if they don’t have a dick. Yes the characters are unrelatable, but unless western culture changes to japanese culture or vice versa, I think this pattern will continue or get worse over time.

  • Agreed

  • You only watch dumb shit it appears

  • Vahlon

    BLVCK you reaching fam these anime are harem and ecchi specifically be done with those genre dont try and roast all anime for them

    • Vahlon

      They are also shounen half the time which are for young men so yea they trynna get rocks off

    • I’m guessing you didn’t read the full article

      “I’m gonna take a minute to address the fact that I know there are many shows that do not take themselves seriously nor should, but this article is to address the many shows that try to and fail horribly. ” – BLVCK

  • I kinda feel the same way. I haven’t really checked for anime since the mid/late 2000’s.

  • MrLeeOH

    That’s deep man. Also I agree with you on this article. I stopped watching Anime because the stories , characters , and art style lacked heart/soul. Everything was a one trick pony with zero emissions of giving us related characters/enjoyable content. Luckily I found OPM and MHA brought back that Anime spark for me.

  • GoldBased

    Totally agree with this article. No recent anime hasn’t been worthwhile and the only one I’m watching is Dragon Ball Super (which is average at best)

  • Onizuka

    “despite facing unrealistic settings and threats characters acted as if they were real-life people”, perfect explanation for why some anime are just more appealing, but i think it’s more than that that makes these recent anime so much of a let down.
    I think it’s also that anime studios are selling out in order to guarantee profit instead of risking it being a flop. Like I just watched Ito Junji: collections, something i’ve been so excited for for months and the atmosphere was completely different from the manga. Instead of the emphasis on psychological and horror, they tried to shoehorn some comedy into it to make it more appealing to a wider audience. This doesn’t completely ruin anime for me, but it does make it so that watching new anime never feel as great as when it did when i watched shit like HxH and FMA for the first time.

  • Alexander

    While i understand your post i think you’re forgetting that animes like Hajimete no Gal are ECCHI shows, ecchi shows are about nudity and sexuality is a genre enterely made to make self insert power fantasies, animes like Hajimete no gal are not to be taken seriously, they’re made with the only purpose of selling mech. May as well analize and criticize the whole ecchi genre and its popularity and that point no? Anime is still the same, ecchi shows exist since the 90s, a good shows are still being made, go watch Violet Evergarden that soon just aired.