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Published July 23, 2015

I’ve always thought that in order for E-Sports to be taken more serious they should start drug testing their players to prevent cheating especially with Adderall. Adderall increases focus and energy, which in the case of gaming would cause it to be a performance enhancing drug. ESL will be the first pro gaming league to start drug testing these Mountain Dew and Dorito addicts for Adderall and possibly any other drug players are using to give them that “competitive edge”. ESL is taking the right steps to level out the playing field and possibly help prevent gamers from hurting themselves. I want to see MLG and other pro leagues take similar action and now that we have drug testing I also want to encourage teams to have cheerleaders, National Anthems, and if possibly a reenactment of the 2004 Superbowl half time. What other regulations would you like to see added to the pro gaming scene?

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