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Published August 25, 2017

Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One X pre order rate is quicker than any previous Xbox Console in history. People have made it known that they will¬†Pre-Order¬†this upcoming console before it sells out on shelves, kind of like Microsoft hoped the Xbox One would upon it’s arrival which hasn’t really been the case.

Upon the announcement of the Project Scorpio (as it was called at the time), within the first week people made it their business to support it by pre ordering it as soon as possible.

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The Xbox One X is scheduled to be on shelves on November 7 barring any last minute issues with a $499 price tag and there are many of you out there that can’t wait to see if this new system is worth all of the hype. The main feature is that it can support 4k resolution and there is a list close to 110 enhanced games that will be supported by the feature. Of course not every game will be able to handle that demand but it’s a start. The only question I have is will Microsoft actually have enough games upon it’s launch to support and justify purchasing the console? We’ve already seen one of the titles that was supposed to launch with the Xbox One X get delayed as Crackdown 3 won’t make the lineup in time.

Let’s just hope that the Xbox One X gets a smooth takeoff and not be a victim of it’s own hype.

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