Politicians In Hawaii Take Action Against EA and Battlefront 2

  • I bought the game day 1, my take? People are tripping over nothing. The progression is nowhere near as slow as it’s made to seem and the game is a HUGE improvement over the first gameplay wise.

  • Damon Ransom #Swavey

    I love this

  • Nah fuck this game. Huge cash grab for EA. Continuing to slow this shit will fuck over player with lazy money hungry half assed games for upcoming games. Ea is ass for this

  • This is the candy crush of video games

  • topdogentertainment

    its a trap! come on someone should have laughed in the audience.

  • Games fun, you casuals just get mad cause you want everything unlocked after 5 hours

  • Kate Yap

    I’m not sure why this is becoming such a huge issue, loot boxes have been on MMORPGs for the longest time and nobody cared then, now all of a sudden everyone cares and you have government officials making a statement. Unbelievable.