Pokemon Smash or Pass ( NSFW )

  • BiG CAM

    We the black delegation would like to expel them from our committee and hope that the white delegation will be glad to pick them up.

  • Gekko Takahata

    Oh no…

  • thaelectricfeel

    They can no longer come to the cookout!

  • That’s that beast love shit

  • DecepticonSweg

    its a good thing GI only post non weird things otherwise it might be too crazy.

  • Deshon Larkins

    Nigga what did I just watch

    • Robert Johnson

      Is it that bad

  • Robert Johnson

    Of course not the women they are mostly the same person every generation how many times have you seen nurse joy and officer Jenny and most of the time you’ll just go back to ash previous girlfriends (fyi I would smash misty or iris from black and white) but still smashing a Pokemon just no just no

    • Dr. Evocative

      Aint they 10?

      • Robert Johnson

        I’m pretty sure they aint ten no more when ash was ten that was the first series and judging from that time line all the way to black and white no way she is still ten and in what world would you let a ten year old venture on his/her own and make adult decisions

  • It be nice if she had the upside down heart shaped cleavage opening on her shirt.

  • Leonard Moreno

    Honestly, this is not as weird as three grown men talking about fucking the Green M&M (hi sleepy cast)