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Published July 20, 2016

Everyone knows by now Pokemon GO is very successful however now we can put some numbers behind the claim. With Nintendo making headlines in Japan after managing to sell $4.5 billion worth of shares in a single day, a record for best single day performance for a publicly traded Japanese company in the past century, we are also seeing that Pokemon GO‘s in-app purchases are so popular that they made up 47% of the total mobile gaming market on July 10th. That essentially means they almost made more money than every other app on mobile devices combined. Even more impressive is about 53% of microtransaction users had bought one or less in-app purchases before, meaning everyone who normally complains about Microstransactions couldn’t resist the urge to buy more Pokeballs in this game.


I’ve reported on here about some success stories with Microstransactions such as GTAV, Candy Crush, of course Black Ops 3. The potential numbers Pokemon GO could make more than them months from now is astonishing giving these early numbers rolling in.

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