Pokemon Direct Was..Meh

  • Lost interest after black and white. The games are way too easy now, no fun puzzles or challenges to solve.

    • Guess you didn’t play Sun and Moon. You should definitely do so. It’s the biggest most welcome challenge of the later gens.

    • yes haven’t played them, almost hated X & Y, it was waaaay too easy. Hoping for a rpg open world pokemon game, that would be awesome. I feel like they’ve been marketing pokemon to younger and younger kids

      • Derek Ant

        Play Sun and Moon on Set without EXP share. Just as hard as Black2/White2. Also the fact that a lot of 7th gen Pokemon are slow as fuck you will have a more difficult challenge if you exclusively use them.

    • Yeah Sun and Moon it’s totally different you should try it

    • I hated X/Y, thought I would never play another game. Sun turned out to be an amazing game

  • agree, I wish they waited a bit to re-release this games. The switch needs new hype, not re-releases.

  • We need an complete 3D type (wannabe open world, but not fully) Pokemon game to come out.

    Everything is becoming open world nowadays, and some are good while others are like…meh.

    Whatever tech MonolithSoft used for Xenoblade Chronicles X, they need to use it for a Pokemon game.

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal Do y’all even play Pokémon?

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal If I wanted an ultra sun, then I would simply take my ass to Texas or Florida and get it…

  • Josbeasty

    Shofu lost is shit when watching the direct lol